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Title: "Learning To Join In Partnership With Bawa" Date: January 12, 2002
Chat Between: Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler) and Rumi

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Opening Prayer

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. Al-hamdu lillah. In sha 'allah, ma sha 'allah. Tawakkal-Allah. Allahumma labbaik.

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. All praise and praising belong to God and to God alone. If God so wills, whatever God wills. I place my trust in God, and in God alone, and am obedient to His will, and to His will alone.

May all responsibility be given to Allah, the One who is limitless grace, and
incomparable love, the One who gives us His blessings.

Spiritual Chat 2

Muhaiyaddeen786 [7:38 PM]:  Hi: Rumismith

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.

My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler).

Rumismith [7:49 PM]:  Nice to hear from you.

My love to you too. We are in the middle of the Saturday evening meeting with Sonia. As for me, this body is exhausted as I have been helping Luthfia cook all afternoon for a fundraiser for the house next door. When the body is tired like this, it is difficult to be in touch with the true inner Self.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [7:50 PM]:  Perhaps it is, and perhaps it is just the opposite.
Rumismith [7:55 PM]:  True, the other day I very clearly heard inside that "I am not me".

Muhaiyaddeen786 [7:55 PM]: Then who are you!

Rumismith [7:57 PM]: That answer has to unfold from within, it cannot be answered by the mind or intellect, so I am just listening for it to unfold.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [7:57 PM]:  And what have you heard so far?

Rumismith [7:59 PM]:  It has to be revealed as Reality, as a living Reality, occasionally I get glimpses of it.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [7:59 PM]:  Describe the glimpses.

Rumismith [8:02 PM]:  The mind is quiet, no desires, no ego, realization of illusion, standing back and watching everybody else citifying their needs while I have no needs, no judgment, love & compassion etc.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:04 PM]: Sounds good, but for this child the only glimpse that I have ever had of it is "Bawa", and each time I say the word "Bawa", another glimpse of it is received.

Rumismith [8:08 PM]: Yes, "Bawa" we cannot be reminded enough that every breath has to be taken remembering Him who is merged with God. Al-hamdu lillah!
Thank God to have sent you as a reminder.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:09 PM]: Al-hamdu lillah.

Rumismith [8:11 PM]:  Whenever I read Bawa's books what jumps out at me is

          "You have to know your self, in order to know God",

So Bawa has to show us who we are.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:15 PM]:  Yes, and "who we are" is "what He is doing", and "what He is doing is revealing God", and how He reveals God "is by revealing True Man within the Creation of God within us", but He can only do this within us, if we join with Him in what He is doing, and if we get out of what "we" are doing, which in truth is only blocking what He is doing within us, (or "our presence" overshadows "His Presence" within us).

Rumismith [8:24 PM]:  That is so beautifully put, I had to copy it down in order to remind myself, God is great.

Rumismith [8:27 PM]: In practice, how do I join with Him in what He is doing?

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:29 PM]:  To the previous statement, and maybe also to this question. Remember to copy it in your heart by saying the word "Bawa" with the intention that it be copied in your heart. Give the responsibility for it, and for everything else, to Bawa.  Then it is easy. 

Make Him responsible for it by handing the responsibility for it over to Him, and refusing to pick it up yourself, refusing to let it be your responsibility.  In this way, in each thing, say "No" to you, and "Yes" to Bawa.  This is the living Kalimah.

Rumismith [8:38 PM]:  It is so easy to say, but than forgetfulness sets in.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:38 PM]: Ah!  We have gotten to the very heart of the problem!!!

Rumismith [8:40 PM]:  Tell me more!

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:43 PM]:  But the solution is so very easy.  Give up.  Stop trying.  Let go.  Stop trying to live here.  Instead tell God it is time to leave here.  Tell God you have had it, that you don't want anymore of it.  Ask God to destroy you, and reveal Him.  Say to God,

          "Oh my Father, my Shaikh, my Guru, I need Your love.  Please, Please,
            Please, destroy me and reveal You."

          "Destroy me as separate from You and You as separate from Me, and reveal
          Me as One with You and You as One with Me."

          "Destroy the life of separation and differences that You have given me, and
           reveal the life of oneness and unity, of justice and truth, of compassion unity,
           that you have also given me."

          "Amen, Amen, Ya Rabil Alameen.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rahman Alameen. 
           Amen, Amen, Ya Rahim Alameen.  Al-hamdu lillah.  Allahu Akbar.

Do this my dearest loving sister Rumi.  Every day say this prayer.

Rumismith [8:47 PM]: Believe me, this truly is what the life of this child is about. Tell me can I print out our dialogue? It is easier than to copy it.

Rumismith [8:52 PM]:  I just printed it out. I am sooo thankful, whenever I forget I can read it again until there is nothing left of me to fall into forgetfulness.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:53 PM]:  Of course, my dearest loving sister, you can do that.  This is God's Common Wealth.  This is God's Public Heaven.  This is what we need to accumulate within our hearts to replace our Personal Heaven, which in our ignorance has taken over our heart, but which in truth is God's Public Hell.

That is the reason for The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Library at:, that we have started, to share God's Public Heaven that is growing in the hearts of all of the Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him). 

Rumismith [8:56 PM]:  Nothing more seems to come in the heart of this child, just thankfulness for what is being given.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [8:59 PM]: Al-hamdu lillah. Just wait one more moment.  While we have been Spiritually Chatting, a beautiful letter was being written to all of us from Bawa, and it is about to be mail.  So hold on, my dearest loving Rumi.  We are in God's Que. 

My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler).

Rumismith [9:04 PM]:  Yes, this child has to learn to accept the love and the gifts being given, even though nothing comes through this child to give in return. I have to understand that God is the giver, the doer of everything.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:07 PM]: So true, my dearest sister.  Even our intentions must be surrendered to God.  Before you go to bed tonight, read, Golden Words Number 222 on Karma, and 225 on Peace and Tranquility in our lives.  Al-hamdu lillah.  Allahu Akbar.

Rumismith [9:15 PM]:  Yes, I have the Golden Words ready. Will I receive the letter in my mailbox? I am still working on the last one. Some things really have opened up inside by reading those precious words.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:16 PM]: The mail in on the way.  Just be patient a little move, my dearest loving sister Rumi.

Rumismith [9:18 PM]:  I feel the grace just sitting here.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:18 PM]:  Al-hamdu lillah.  Me too.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:39 PM]:  You got mail !!!!!!!!!

(note: click HERE to read the letter that was sent to Rumi, and also sent at the same time to the brothers and sisters on the Fellowship Mailing list for this child.  If you would like to be added to Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen's Mailing List please send us your E-mail address by E-mail.  Send it to  Thank you.

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Once there, click on Spiritual Letter 11, "The Five Kalimahs", to read the letter to Rumi.  While there read the other letter that was sent to Rumi recently, Spiritual Letter 10, "The Sound of God", it is beautiful. 

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Rumismith [9:46 PM]:  Yes, Al hamdu lillah. I will print out the letter and sit and read it and contemplate on it.  My love to you, and all praise and thanks to God and Bawa.  What a precious gift to know about God and Bawa and to have each other.  Anbu Rumi

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:48 PM]:  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessings of God be upon all of us.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rabil Alameen.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rahman Alameen.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rahim Alameen. Al-hamdu lillah.  Allahu Akbar. 
My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

Rumismith [9:54 PM]: So we will close the computer but keep the hearts instant messaging open at all times. Anbu Rumi

Muhaiyaddeen786 [9:58 PM]:  Only God can do that. 

So say,

          "Bawa - what should I do now?" 

Stop managing your life.  Give it up.  Maybe He wants to Chat all night.  Who cares?  Its His life, not yours.  Get rid of it.  Now. Now. Now.  Don't wait.  Don't do another thing in your life before you have made it His. 

There is no other way to get rid of the Selfish Self within us.  It has taken over our life of Selflessness, and turned us into the darkness of ignorance.  What you don't confront now you will have to confront in the grave!!

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:06 PM]:  A little story may help.  This child was sitting in the Mazar late at night (the Shrine built over the grave of His Holiness), having been locked in by Muhammad Abdullah (Bob Lowe).  Along came a knock at the Mazar door. 

I stopped and asked Bawa what to do.

He said, "Open the door". 

I did, and a brother with a blanket covering him, even his head, entered.  We exchanged salaams, and he sat down to pray.  He asked me,

          "Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen, do you mind if I pray out loud? 

I immediately said no.  So he started to pray out loud.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:10 PM]:  The noise of his prayers were very disturbing to me, but I tried not to notice.  Finally, I could take it no more, but instead of saying anything to the brother I asked Bawa. 

I said to Bawa, "What should I do?". 

And Bawa said, "You should have told him the truth". 

I said to Bawa, "I don't understand.".

And Bawa said,

          "You should have said to him when he asked if you minded if he prayed out
          loud, that anything he did would mind you, would bother you, because that is
          the nature of the mind.  But not to be concerned about my mind, or his mind,
          and just do what he has come to the mosque to do."

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:13 PM]:  Bawa told me that only by living through truth will we find peace in our life, and if I had told him the truth, about the nature of my mind, as well as his mind, and all minds, that they act one way on the outside and another on the inside, one in the heart and one in the mind, if I had done this, instead of trying to be polite, of saying what was expected of me, both of us would have been peaceful, no matter what he or I did on the outside. Al-hamdu lillah.  This is the only enemy, my dearest loving sister.

Rumismith [10:20 PM]: You hit the nail on the head: trying to be polite and saying what I think is expected of me is truly a very big enemy of mine and I will be stuck in my further growth if I am not truthful to the inner self.

But if one puts Bawa in front as you said in the letter and don't jump in with "my presence" it will fall away.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:26 PM]:  Not only will it fade away, the Triple Flame of God, which starts within us as - The Disciple, The Shaikh, and God - will fate in. 

This is the great secret, my dearest loving sister Rumi.  For as Bawa teaches us,

          "You cannot put anything down unless you are also picking something
          else up".

That is why the Kalimah has two parts, the "out part" and the "in part", the "I am not part", and the "You are part".

Only by joining in partnership with God in each act or duty that we do, by joining in partnership with Bawa, with what God has placed in your heart to join in partnership with God for this age, as explained in Golden Words 225, will our life be OK.

Rumismith [10:32 PM]:  I say Bawa inside and nothing comes. All my elements scream "enough, enough".

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:33 PM]:  It isn't your elements screaming, it is you.

Rumismith [10:36 PM]:  What do you mean. The true me would never say enough to wisdom, so it must be the ego or elements or mind.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:38 PM]:  Stop trying to escape from the truth of yourself.  Accept your weaknesses, and say to God,

          "I am full of faults", in the way the earth, fire, water, air, and ether did. 

Make it His problem, not your problem.  He created you in this state, and if you are done with it, really done with it, really finished with it, and want no more to do with it, because you realize that it has no value, then He will change it.  Remember, you are only here to learn about who you already are.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:41 PM]:  Bawa teaches us that,

          "Nothing will ever leave you until it is understood, because the purpose for it
          being there in the first place is understanding". 

Stop trying to get something out of this world, something that is "yours", even God, something that "defines you", even as Rumi, as a child of Bawa. 

Remember, the apple seed is the story of the apple tree, a story which can only be told when the seed realizes what it is, where it is, and what is happening, and calls for it own destruction.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:46 PM]:  We are the story of God within the story of True Man, which can only be told when Bawa finishes telling the story of True Man within the Creation of God within us.

If we don't stop having our own story to tell, Bawa can never finish the story of True Man within the Creation of God within us, that He has already started within us.  That is why, and only why, we are here.  Because He started that story, the story of True Man, within us.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:49 PM]: We have to put down the little story of "you" and "I" living in the world of separation and differences, in the world that we see as existing "outside" of us, and pick up the big story of God.

We have to get into what God is doing, and get out of what "we" are doing.  And we do this by handing everything that God places in front of us back to Him, saying to God,

          "This is your work, your duty, your responsibility, not mine.  These children are
          your work, not mine.  This body is your work, not mine.  This life is your work,
          not mine".

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:54 PM]:  Bawa teaches us that it is all in our intentions. What are we intending? A good us, a nice us, a happy us, a loving us, a wise us, a knowledgeable us, a productive us, a "anything" us. It doesn't matter.

All of these intentions lead to us living here.  Instead, we must intend what God is intending, what Bawa is intending, to reveal God by revealing True Man within the Creation of God within us, to join with Bawa to harvest all that God has grown within us, by handing the harvest to Him. We are not our work. We are His work.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [10:57 PM]:  But He can't do His work within us unless we give up our work, and we will only truly do this when we believe that all of our work, done as separate from Him, is useless. 

As long as we think we have something of value, separate from God, we will pursue our separate path.

Only when we realize that only God is valuable, that only God can do anything of value, will we give up our separate path, and make His path our path, only then will we again "remember our intention to die", if we cannot see God, that we had when we first came here as a child.

Only then, will we will stop trying to live here and start trying to leave here.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [11:01 PM]: Do you understand, my sweet loving sister Rumi.  It is in our hands, not God's hand.  God has given us everything we need to return as one with Him. 

We just have to learn what it is that He has given us, like oneness with Bawa instead of separation from everyone and everything, and how to use it, how to use our oneness with Bawa, like using it, not thinking about using it, or talking about using it, or studying how to use it. 

The more we talk to Bawa the more we will talk to Bawa.  It is just that simple.  So Chat with Bawa all the time, and you will Chat with Bawa all the time.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [11:01 PM]: OK.

Rumismith [11:03 PM]: Yes I do understand.

Muhaiyaddeen786 [11:07 PM]:  Al-hamdu lillah.  Now let us go to sleep.  We need our beauty rest, and dream of good things, and don't worry about anything, because

          "La ilaha - there is nothing other than God". 

So what do we have to worry about. Nothing.  We are sitting on God's lap and Bawa is telling us a story.  There is nothing else really happening in our life.  And that story is the story of True Man within the Creation of God, and the story of God within True Man.

My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

Rumismith [11:09 PM]:  I like that. Anbu Rumi

Rumismith [11:14 PM]: Shall I sign off now?

Muhaiyaddeen786 [11:22 PM]: Yes.  That is enough for the three of us tonight -
God, Bawa, and Bawa's Children

But thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting all of this happen within your heart tonight, for it can only happen in this way, when at least two of us come together in the name of "Bawa", and let Him teach His Children what they need to learn for that moment.

My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

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